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The problem...

The managers of the various departments under federal and provincial governments and organizations face many issues

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PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICES must design and implement standardized processes, manage requests and gather these into portfolios, assist in assigning priorities to projects, and consolidate data to produce reports for senior management.

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INFORMATION SYSTEMS RESSOURCE management must ensure business continuity, manage efforts and organisational capacity, prioritise requests and manage the resulting projects. They must also produce Opptunity Analyses, Business Cases, and Simplified Business Cases.

OPERATIONS management must build and / or adapt to a proven governance model to assist in the design and approval of their requisitions. They must also provide human ressources to deliver approved projects.

The solution...

A two-pronged solution developed in Québec tailored to the needs of government and public agencies

Web Platform

Configuration of the ISIOS platform for :

Automate the processes of directorates

Prioritize requests and projects

Produce periodical project results

Publish executive dashboards

Create project plans

Manage efforts and capacity

Easily consult project documentation

Manage risks using the COSO framework

And much more...

Personalized support

Over the years, we have acquired an in-depth understanding of the needs of governments and public agencies.

Our solution provides the capacity to configure forms and create custom fields suited to the specific requirements of each department / service

We can help Managers of directorates simplify, optimize, and automate project management processes based on the recommendations of the PMI.

A solution compliant with the requirements of the Canadian and Québec governments with respect to project management

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The Canadian governement has developed a framework and directives that cover the practice of project and program mangement in order to support federal ministries and bodies. In this framework, we find a detailed description of the practices supported by the PMI.

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The Treasury Board published a framework to support the management and thorough review of projects. The practices published in this document were broadcast to large audience within the Québec government and agencies.


The functional architecture of ISIOS was largely inspired by the PMI methodology, which was also the basis for the project management frameworks adopted by our federal and provincial governments.

They use ISIOS to manage their projects!

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The companies Télé-Québec and SODEC have chosen and have been using the ISIOS Solution for 3 years now to manage a major construction project. Thanks to the complete range of tools and reports available, ISIOS allows us to simply and efficiently track all project steps and budgets. The open and collaborative platform greatly facilitates the sharing of information and makes it possible to assign and track tasks. The solution is simple and intuitive to use and allows us to manage all project management activities, from the establishment of the basic schedule to risk management and the entire accounting component, it's all there. In addition, and this is essential when implementing a new tool, we were able to count on the unfailing support of ISIOS for the implementation, training and follow-up of our activities.


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