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port facilities

The problem...

The needs of Canadian port facilities vary for each functional area

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ENGINEERING management assign priorities to projects based on the strategic, tactical, and operational orientations of the organisation and group these into portfolios. Among other considerations, they must ensure the control of the selected projects.

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FINANCE management gather requests from various directorates, manage sources of funding, and finance projects based on multi-year investment programs.

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COMMUNICATIONS management develop communication strategies which translate into corporate projects. These projects are varied in nature and generate numerous tasks and activities which require the contribution of the organisation's resources.

The solution...

We offer port facilities a two-pronged solution, fully integrated and adapted to their specific needs

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Web Platform

Configuration of the ISIOS platform for :

Ensure project funding

Manage costs based on budget cycles

Manage contracts and related invoices

Manage project portfolios

Produce management reports

Manage programs

Manage meetings

Manage risks

Track requests for tender

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Personalized support

Over the years, we have acquired an in-depth understanding of the operation of the Port of Québec, a renowned port facility.

This partnership allowed us ot adapt the ISIOS platform to the processes of all directorates.

We can help you simplify, optimize, and automate your processes based on the recommendations of the PMI.

They use ISIOS to manage their projects!

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