ISIOS's story

The first drafts

The first drafts of the ISIOS platform were developed at the turn of the century at the initiative of its co-founder, Serge Diotte. Serge had worked for 12 years, managing projects for clients and completing a Masters in Project Management, and was exasperated by the different tools he had to use to accomplish his tasks... He had come to the conclusion that he spent too much time producing status reports and dashboards from data consolidated using various tools, time that would have been better spent managing his assignments and projects!

In 2003, he proposed a major challenge to his son François, a recent graduate in Information Technology: put together a team to develop a WEB portal which would integrate the main tools he needed to manage his projects. François had one year to produce a prototype which would contain the features described in the functional architecture Serge had produced. The challenge was met with flying colours!

Development of the platform

The team was ready to begin development of the platform. They knew they had to satisfy the requirements of a very difficult client : Serge Diotte had decreed that he would not market the solution until it met three criteria.

To be used in actual mandates, the plateform must:

Be simple

(be devoid of complex concepts)

Be easy to use

(only a few clicks to use tools and reports)

Be gratifying

(give users the feeling that the job was done well)

Founding of the company

It is in 2013 that the company reached a major milestone: use of the ISIOS platform in the delivery of a major mandate for the Public Curator of Québec. The solution was a major factor in ensuring the success of this initiative. To the point that the General Manager of the organization threw out "you should market ISIOS! We could use such a tool in the public sector!" Coming from a high-level manager such as Mr. Pierre Lamarche, these words were not to be taken lightly...

In January of 2014, Serge and François Diotte founded ISIOS-PPM INC with the objective of offering their solution to the project management community! Six years later, with the help and support of their precious colleagues who are committed to the success of ISIOS, they are proud to find within their customer base businesses and organizations which actively contribute to their success!

Their clients are true partners with whom they are wholly committed to ensure that all are successful in attaining their goals.

Save time

and live an experience marked by simplicity, ease of execution, and the satisfaction of a job well done!