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A modular SOFTWARE, complete and integrated to MANAGE PROJECTS

Our approach

Our approach in 3 steps

Our approach consists of assessing your current practices, defining the parameters of a customized solution that will help you quickly reach your value-added goals and ensuring that the implementation goes ahead in line with your expectations.

1. Assess current practices

This step consists of meeting with several key resources of your organization in individual and/or group interviews. During these meetings, we will jointly assess current practices of your organization. We will use four questionnaires to do so:

  • Definition of the scope of work
  • Project management interview
  • Project portfolio management interview
  • Investment program management interview

2. Define the solution parameters

This step consists of identifying the parameters of an optimal solution adapted to the specific needs of your organization. You probably already use a variety of tools; our approach consists of recuperating what already works and incorporating it in a complete solution. This will enable you to more effectively manage your projects, project portfolios and investment programs. Here are the deliverables associated with this second step:

  • Identification of targets
  • Identification of significant ROI elements
  • Identification of performance measures
  • Proposed implementation plan

3. Give training and supervise implementation

After the targets have been identified, we move to the implementation stage of your solution by delivering training tailored to your needs. If you wish, we can also support you in executing your implementation plan, paying special attention to change management. Optimizing procedures by using software designed for this purpose raises an organizational issue that must never be underestimated. This is where the added value of our seasoned consultants comes into play; it is not their first challenge of this type. The deliverable assets at this third stage are:

  • Training course tailored to your organization
  • Delivering training seminars
  • Supervision of the internal implementation plan
  • Propose a change management strategy
  • Management/support of the implementation plan
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Software as a service (SaaS)

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Why choose us


ISIOS adapts itself to the specific needs of your organization. Starting with management tools that bring a greater added value to your company, you can then fully implement the tool at your own pace.


ISIOS offers user-friendly ergonomics, which means that all necessary tools for project management, portfolio of projects and investment programmes are only a click away.


ISIOS offers real-time access to management information in order for you to rapidly complete the tasks and activities of your project, thanks to the communication between the different modules.

Help organizations improve performance, planning and tracking of their investments as well as total management of their projects, by offering a turnkey solution, supported by world-class software and a team of seasoned consultants.

Layers of the solution

Synthesis of best industry practices

The integrated ISIOS software and the approach used by our seasoned consultants is based on a synthesis of best industry practices :

  • PMI for project management
  • COSO for risk management
  • Standard portfolio management for projets
  • COBIT to assess current practices

Integrated software deployed on the WEB

The ISIOS software incorporates a comprehensive and pragmatic synthesis of best available industry practices in a modern and intuitive design. It meets all expectations of organizations.

Support from an experienced consultant

The involvement of an experienced ISIOS consultant on your team ensures optimal integration of the solution and the achievement of target objectives on schedule and within budget. A unique and winning combination. The consultant's principal goal is to help you generate earnings and operating efficiency in the short term.

  • Assess your current practices
  • Define the parameters of a solution tailored to your needs
  • Continuous support on the use of the ISIOS software

Healthy projects in a healthy company

Communication between modules
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